New data, DoxyPEP and policy updates @ September 2022 Consortium Meeting

2022 Spring Consortium Meeting: The Tenderloin – voices from the field
May 23, 2022
2022 World AIDS Day Consortium Meeting – PrEP, RAPID & Retention, DoxyPEP and drug overdose prevention in San Francisco
December 5, 2022
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New data, DoxyPEP and policy updates @ September 2022 Consortium Meeting

Thanks to Andy Scheer, SFDPH, and Laura Thomas, SF AIDS Foundation, for sharing critical policy updates. And thanks to Sharon Pipkin for presenting highlights from the latest HIV epidemiology report and to Dr. Monica Gandhi, Dr. Tyler TerMeer, Dr. Monique LaSarre and Dr. Hyman Scott for an engaging roundtable discussion reacting to the new data and how their clinics and community-based programs are addressing the gaps & challenges.

And, finally, many thanks to Dr. Annie Luetkemeyer for sharing exciting updates from the DoxyPEP Study and Dr. Stephanie Cohen for sharing implementation considerations and next steps for DoxyPEP in San Francisco.  Dr. Cohen also shared an informative local update on MPX at the top of the meeting, thank you!

Here is a link to the recording and a link to the slides

COVID PHE and Medicaid unwinding How can you take action right now?

Use the flyers here to spread the word that Medi-Cal enrollees should inform Medi-Cal about changes to income, phone number, household size, and especially their mailing address.

Anyone who receives a letter from the county asking for information about Medi-Cal coverage should provide the requested information in a timely manner. Keeping information current will help maintain Medi-Cal coverage or with a smooth transition to another coverage option.

Medi-Cal enrollees should open an account on to update information and complete annual recertifications online.

If you’re looking for additional information about this process, the following sites are recommended:

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