What is U=U?

Medicines to treat HIV can eliminate the risk of sexual transmission. People with HIV who take their medication every day and maintain an undetectable viral load (<200copies/ml) are effectively at zero risk of transmitting HIV to their partner. This is known as undetectable = untransmittable or U=U (#UequalsUSF).

If you are taking HIV medication you should see your provider at least every 3-6 months to check your viral load.

If you or your partner stops HIV medications for several days you may be at risk. Consider PrEP and/or condoms to prevent HIV and contact your provider.

Summary of Latest Research

Science supports and validates the message of U=U. Data from studies provide the evidence.

  • There were zero HIV sexual transmissions among couples if the HIV-positive partner was undetectable after >150,000 sex acts
  • No HIV transmissions occurred in studies even when people got STIs

However, we don’t have enough data to know if being undetectable prevents HIV transmission among people who inject drugs.

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Studies  & Conference Abstracts

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