2023 Spring Consortium Meeting Highlights & Recommendations

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May 15, 2023
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October 6, 2023
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2023 Spring Consortium Meeting Highlights & Recommendations

At the May 25th Consortium meeting, we focused on HIV prevention and treatment and quality of life for transgender and gender-diverse San Franciscans.

Thanks to Dr. Erin Wilson for the update on HIV among transwomen in San Francisco. We had a phenomenal panel that included community member Gatsby, Pau Crego (SF Office of Trans Initiatives), Nicky Calma (SF Community Health Center), Dr. Nick Gorton (Lyon-Martin Community Health Services), and Dr. Royce Lin (SFDPH).

Many thanks to the panelists, our meeting convenor – Jenna Rapues (Gender Health SF) and our panel moderator, Shawn Demmons (PAETC/BANCC). 

Some highlights from the presentation and panel discussion –

  • While services are much more tailored to the needs of trans people than in years past, the members of the trans community continue to be underserved.
  • There are higher rates of HIV infection, lower rates of PrEP uptake, etc. for trans women.
  • The trans male community is particularly underrepresented by research and other programming.  If transmen are not included in the data, then not all transgender people are represented/included.


  • More and better education about trans people and their needs in the health care community and the wider community.
  • Better access to PrEP and other prevention measures; increase in/wider availability of RAPID testing.
  • Include more trans people (especially trans men) in research studies.
  • Support more trans people entering into the health care and social services professions.  
  • Peer-based models for care & support – trans people can do better overall taking care of trans people.
  • Keep working at lowering barriers, making sure that we (SF/DPH) have a truly trauma-informed system of care.

Here is a link to slides presented at the meeting – https://ucsf.box.com/s/s8mmar6yqfwh8kob159kjpdyv13zvtsm

If you’d like more information about the organizations represented, please follow these links –

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