PrEP Committee

The PrEP initiative has 3 core components focused on providers, users, and measuring impact.

Improved user knowledge and access

  • Broad-based education campaign to reach into heavily impacted communities
  • User hotline for information, resources
  • Website as “one-stop shop” of local and national resources and information
  • Affordability program including navigators to assist potential users with insurance and provider choice, access to co-pay/deductible/payment assistance
  • Speakers bureau of PrEP users
  • Programs to support PrEP adherence

Increased provider capacity

  • Support for public-access PrEP clinics
  • Training, resources for providers in diverse fields (primary care, Ob/Gyn, pediatrics, psychiatry)
  • Warm line for providers
  • Online tools
  • Cultural humility training for providers

Tracking PrEP uptake and impact

  • Measure PrEP use citywide (including demographics and behavior of PrEP users, duration of use, type of PrEP)
  • Track potential negative consequences (e.g., breakthrough infections, resistance, social harms, STIs, difficulty accessing PrEP)
  • Track potential benefit (e.g., impact on HIV incidence, access to comprehensive health services for PrEP users)
  • Track sexual and injection behaviors over time
  • Track PrEP- and HIV-associated stigma
  • Measure cost to providers, payers, users

PrEP Committee Resources

Resources for people interested in PrEP

Visit Injectable HIV Medications and PrEP – for resources compiled by East Bay Getting to Zero

Resources for PrEP providers

Visit Injectable HIV Medications and PrEP – for resources compiled by East Bay Getting to Zero

PrEP News & Updates

Latest from PrEP Committee

First-of-Its-Kind Lawsuit from Gay Man Denied Insurance Because He’s on PrEP

Earlier this week, the Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD, not to be confused with GLAAD) filed a claim with the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination charging that Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company discriminated against a gay man when they denied him long-term care insurance because he’s taking Truvada as PrEP. This is the first…

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